Hammertime is a game made in about a week for the Honest Jam 2020 by Dyrolvaid, davatri, Roidz, and Deozaan.

"Tribute" was the theme for the Honest Jam.

Hammertime is a tribute to an arcade game called Pengo.

How to Play

Move with arrow keys.
Swing hammer with space bar.
Grab & pull with left Shift.

Or use a gamepad. Controls are customizable in the game.
See the in-game tutorial for specific details on game objectives.

Jam Info

Almost everything was created during the jam. Sound effects, some particles, and some mesh animations were taken from 3rd party libraries.

Version History

v1.201218.2 Bugfixiester 3th Edition

  • Fix UI (level select) showing incorrectly when WebGL isn't fullscreen

v1.201218.1 Bugfixiester 2th Edition

  • Fixed a bug that stopped saving highest level reached

v1.201218.0 Bugfixiester Edition

  • Fixed bug where highest level reached got overwritten by a lower level being played
  • Added some missing sounds
  • Add Back button so WebGL players don't have to use escape to go back to the menu at the end of a level

v1.201216.0 Bugfixiest Edition

  • Add 5 more levels
  • Add Snowman enemy
  • Add level select
  • Fix boxes sometimes going through enemies without squishing them

v1.201213.0 Bugfixier Edition

  • Stop player from moving when finishing a level
  • Fix survival bonus continuing to award points after finishing a level
  • Fix UI not updating when time bonus is awarded
  • Prevent tutorial from increasing high score

v1.201212.0 Bugfix Edition

  • Fix quickly restarting the first level multiple times breaking things
  • Fix exiting tutorial early breaking the game
  • Fix enemies in tutorial being embedded in the floor
  • Fix time bonus rolling over to 4 billion point bonus when reaching 0
  • Fix time bonus counting down quickly due to having multiple, simultaneous countdowns
  • Fix time bonus continuing to count down during Christmas miracle sequence
  • A few small UI adjustments or fixes.

v1.201211.0 Honest Jam 2020

  • Made a tribute to Pengo!


Hammertime - Windows 37 MB
Version 1.201219.0 Dec 20, 2020
Hammertime - Linux 38 MB
Version 1.201219.0 Dec 20, 2020
Hammertime - MacOS 37 MB
Version 1.201219.0 Dec 20, 2020

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