Deep Space Prospector

Deep Space Prospector is a game made within 72 hours for Ludum Dare 44 by Roidz of cMonkeys.

The theme for LD44 was "Your Life Is Currency."

How to Play

Mine energy, buy upgrades, and fight off scavengers. But remember to always save enough to pay the Empire's taxes!

See What Others Are Saying

Here are a few excerpts of what others who have played are saying:

"The particle effects, graphics, sound design and fine balance all contributed to a great and very polished game feel. My first 5/5 this LD." - Jesús González
"Great atmosphere! The music, particle effects, and fireworks explosion when killing an enemy were very well done." - BoxedMeatRevolution
"Very nice game and I love how everything was tied to the theme of space nicely." - John Snyder
"The result is pretty polished and complete." - Cassio Eduardo
"I like how turning is hyper precise but forward movement is clunky, it’s the right mix of fun and frustrating." - jjjjason
"Busting up enemy ships feels real good. Nice and clunky ship controls, too. Took a while to adjust but before long I was slingshotting all over the place." - DeathBySnail
"I got 2 kills with one shot, that felt awesome :D" - Marcus Otterstrom


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LD44 - Deep Space Prospector - Win64 31 MB
Version 1.1904.27.0
LD44 - Deep Space Prospector - Win32 29 MB
Version 1.1904.27.0
LD44 - Deep Space Prospector - Linux 48 MB
Version 1.1904.27.0
LD44 - Deep Space Prospector - MacOS 32 MB
Version 1.1904.27.0